Wholesale SKYPIX TSN440 Scanner Portable 900DPI

Wholesale SKYPIX TSN440 Scanner Portable 900DPI

Product description:

Skypix TSN440 Portable Scanner 900DPI

Makes it extremely convenient for people to scan documents.
Comes with ORC software to change JPEG to Word File


- Original SKYPIX product

- Color/ Mono scanning option
- 300DPI/ 600DPI/ 900DPI scanning resolution options
- Saving JPEG/ PDF format files directly to Micro SD card, supporting Micro SD card up to 32GB
- Previewing pictures being scanned on LCD screen on the scanner
- Colorized 1' HD LCD display
- Driver free for Windows7/ Vista/ XP/ SP2 and Mac 10.4 or above system
- Newest optimized design , faster scanning speed , higher scanning quality


Standard resolution: 300 x 300DPI (default)
Middle resolution: 600 x 600DPI
High resolution: 900 x 900DPI
External memory: supports micro SD card up to 32GB
File format: JPEG/ PDF
LCD: scanning status display
Auto power off: 3 minutes (default)

Color: red / sliver grey

Maximum scanning speed:

Color high resolution: 11 seconds
Color middle resolution: 6.0 seconds
Color standard resolution: 3.0 seconds
Mono high resolution: 9.0 seconds
Mono middle resolution: 6.0 seconds
Mono standard resolution: 2.0 seconds

Scanning width and length:

Scanning width: 8.27 inch
Scanning length: 300DPI: 98' (maximum) , 600DPI: 45' (maximum) 900DPI: 35' (maximum)

Capacity (based on 1GB Micro SD, Scan A4 size file, the quantity of picture is various depend on the content complexity) :
Color high resolution: 200 photos (minimum) ;
Color middle resolution: 440 photos (minimum) ;
Color standard resolution: 1300 photos (minimum) ;
Mono high resolution: 220 photos (minimum) ;
Mono middle resolution: 480 photos (minimum) ;
Mono standard resolution: 1500 photos (minimum)

USB port: USB 2.0 high Speed

Support system: driver free for Windows7/ Vista/ XP/ SP2 and Mac 10.4 or above

Power source: 2 x AA alkalinity battery