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Hills | MT1000S-ProUPS Power Supply 1KVA / 600W Delay 4 hours 100AH ​​Battery 4

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Product parameters:

  • Condition: New
  • Brand: SANTAK / Hills
  • Model: MT1000S delay 4 hours

Product Name: Hills / SANTAK UPS ups MT1000S-Pro 600WDelay 4hour

Manufacturer: Hills Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

configuration list: 1, Hills / SANTAK ups Host MT1000S-Pro One, 2, 100AH Maintenance-free lead-acid batteries 4Section, 3, A4battery box 1only

Applicability: This configuration is applicable 600WPower below the equipment used 4Hours, including ordinary computer servers, game consoles, office hosts, personal computers, audio, notebooks, monitoring, routers, switches and so on.

Installation size: 100AH4 only battery box A4 covers the land 500×415×618Mm , UPS host size: 220 × 430 × 84mm

warranty service: Machine with the serial number of the national security for three years, You can also directly by the mall security.

Logistics and transport: As the goods heavier, the general choice of logistics delivery, according to your specific needs, we photographed before the good consultation!