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Film Scanner film scanner film scanner

Film Scanner film scanner film scanner
  • Film Scanner film scanner film scanner
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This can only read the negative pattern, cannot read the paper pattern.

If you are open studio, then buy such a negative turn digital picture is very necessary.
The new digital products have a negative scan Film scan / USB MSDC (mobile disk) function, not only own a digital camera, but also have to play the film
A new generation of scanners, not only solved the problem of traditional film permanent preservation, and enjoy the digital time moment of happiness in the process of use!
As the years passed, photographs gradually yellow, memories also fade, fee spending tremendous effort effort scanner sweep into the computer, is
Yellow, picked up the film scanning spent 4 minutes after scanning, but also repeatedly adjust the brightness and color, was able to see. A film scanner, a
The cut is very simple, as long as the light will be the film into a chip placing frame, insert the film scanner, press the easy snapshot button, takes less than 2 seconds
It can be a negative, the picture into digital photos is permanently on the computer.
One button operation, simple, easy to learn
Easy to use interface (rotation, delete)
Simple image control button (OK, like, mirror)
Simple image save button (storage)
Product features:
1 simple, stylish design
2 embedded SD/ MMC memory card slot.
3 2.36 inch wide screen, color LCD display screen can display the pictures directly
Powerful processor 4 automatic exposure / color balance algorithm
5 support for image preview, playback and editing functions
6. USB port adapter
7.1/3.2; CMOS 3: 2 5000000 pixel image ratio
8 support SD card (maximum support 32GB) , save 1G 1200 photos
The 9. USB2.0 interface and the standard 5V USB power supply
10 the actual scene real-time color preview
11 automatic slide show and screen editing function
12 support NTSC/ PAL television output interfaces (3.5mm Video Jack)
13 support to 35 mm color positive, negative, color and black-and-white slides
The product parameters:
5000000 pixel camera sensor
LCD 2.4 inch color LCD
Can support the storage of 32G
JPEG file format
Automatic exposure control
Focus range focusing
Automatic color balance
Language support for simplified Chinese / English / French / Japanese
A resolution of 1800 DPI
5V power adapter or USB power supply
Dimension 88.2x86.5x102mm
The weight of 296g
Products accessories
The 1x host.