Wholesale 8G professional mini MP3 digital voice recorder

Wholesale 8G professional mini MP3 digital voice recorder

Product description:

8G 30 hours High definition sound recording far distance Digital Voice Recorder Dictaphone Voice Recorder/ recording pen

The English instructions :

1, its first handset for 25 hours of continuous recording, the same stick on the market 3 times times! All metal appearance, market the most best-selling style ;

2, and a key recording, and a key save, operation simple ;

3, and a variety of recording mode : long recording ( 32k ) / high quality recording ( 128k ) ;

4, and non - destructive Wav format recording mode, sound quality more clear ;

5, and support MP3 music play : a variety of cycle Play mode ;

6, and the machine since with file delete function, can be delete a single or all Delete ;

7, and with a-b to repeat the function ; recording red LED can be Select open or close ;

8, and support file number of : single directory up to support 999 a file ;

9, and support usb2.0 high speed transport, completely compatible usb1.1

10, and support voice recording.