Wholesale VM101 4GB Voice Recorder

Wholesale VM101 4GB Voice Recorder

Product description:

Music folder support playing MP3, WMA format music.

• LQ, SQ, HQ three recording mode to be select, Achieve high fidelity voice record and Line-in recording:

LQ: 32Kbps MP3 format recording mode;

SQ: 64Kbps MP3 format recording mode;

HQ: 128Kbps MP3 format recording mode;

Line In: 128Kbps MP3 format stereo recording mode.

• LINE IN recording; able to record telephone calls and stereo audio transcription function.

• Able to quickly achieve sub automatic recording function.

• Timer recording: able to set recording beginning time , recording length , Recorder will automatically start to record at the setting time.

• VOR function: Automatically record according to the voice signal.

• Recording time display, the remaining recording time display.

• Able to rewind or fast forward during playing status; able to set playing speed.