Wholesale VA2000 Conference Digital Voice Recorder

Wholesale VA2000 Conference Digital Voice Recorder

Product description:

1. A, B, C, D four folders, can store 4x99 recording folders

2. Can choose HQ, SQ, MQ, LQ four recording modes in every folder

3. Show recording time/ residual time

4. Previous or next, speed change when playing

5. Single circuit playing , f older circuit playing, A-B repeat playing.

6. Date/ Clock function (12/24 Hours system)

7. Digital volume control

8. Can delete single file or all

9. VOX function.

10. Recording files can be edited

11. Telephone recording, built-in microphone recording, external microphone recording

12. Reminding function when residual time less than 10 minutes in memory or SD card

13. Sleeping function: Unit will be sleeping when no operation in 60 seconds

14. USB function (USB1.1) .

15. Attached PC operation software, can switch format between DVR and MP3/ WAV

16. Built-in high fidelity speaker (1W) .

17. Password locking (protecting when play, delete and connect with computer)

18. Three ways for power supply (USB, DC transformer, 4 PCS AA battery) .

19. Two ways to save files (memory, SD card) .

20. Super long time recording (HQ 256MB=18 hours, LQ256MB=100 hours) .