Wholesale Vt800 headset telephone phone earphones

Wholesale Vt800 headset telephone phone earphones

Product description:

Whole System: Telephone V400 & Headset

This Caller ID Telephone Headphone System with a dip angle of 15 degrees design, convenient for your use also gives

you a direct optical angle. Special noise defense for the microphone, makes sure high fidelity on your telephone conversation.

Main Functions:

Clear Voice: super performance on voice communication, with particular noiseproof microphone.

Easy Wear: durable headset makes you feel comfortable. With an earphone bracket, more convenient and practical.

Callin Number: supports to consult 30 items of 16bit callin telephone numbers.

Caller ID Display: FSK & DTMF caller ID display, detect automatically.

Ringing Indication: backlight flashes when the telephone rings.

Volume Adjust: 2-grades toggling adjustment and 2-grades little adjustment.

Callin Ring Volume: can be adjusted and closed.

Mute: mute the telephone talk voice, Music on hold

Receive Call Mode: Manually Receiving or Automatic Answer, all under the indications of the indicator lamp.

Recording Interface: can record the telephone conversation in the sound card of computer by connecting it with the computer.

Or monitor phone conversation when insert a monitored earphone in it.

No need external power source.

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