Wholesale Caller ID Telephone with Telephone Headphone call center

Wholesale Caller ID Telephone with Telephone Headphone call center

Product description:

Caller ID Telephone with Telephone Headphone call center telephone headset nice earphone

This Caller ID Telephone Headphone System with a dip angle of 45 degrees design, convenient for your use also

gives you a direct optical angle. Special noise defense for the microphone, makes sure high fidelity on your

telephone conversation.

Main Functions:

Clear Voice: super performance on voice communication, with particular noiseproof microphone.

Easy Wear: durable headset makes you feel comfortable. With an earphone bracket, more convenient and


Callin Number: supports to consult 30 items of 16bit callin telephone numbers.

Caller ID Display: FSK & DTMF caller ID display, detect automatically.

Ringing Indication: backlight flashes when the telephone rings.

Volume Adjust: 2-grades toggling adjustment and 2-grades little adjustment.

Callin Ring Volume: can be adjusted and closed.

Intelligent Call Mute: mute the telephone talk voice, indicated by an indicator lamp.

Receive Call Mode: Manually Receiving or Automatic Answer, all under the indications of the indicator lamp.

Recording Interface:

can record the telephone conversation in the sound card of computer by connecting it with the computer.

Or monitor phone conversation when insert a monitored earphone in it.

No need external power source.

Passed F. C. C & CE Certifications.

Headset Features:

For600 call center headphone, comfortable for wearing, nice appearance, with high quality.

Noiseproof Mic, can shields 70% background noise. Show your gorgeous sound.

Flat type speaking tube is super and more particular, twirling in 300 degrees, both ears can wear it.

Flexible design supports to adjust it for fitting to your head, high quality ear cushions.

(we will send you 2 ear cushions with this product) .