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Wholesale VR386N 4GB Voice Recorder

Wholesale VR386N 4GB Voice Recorder
  • Wholesale VR386N 4GB Voice Recorder
Product code: 26327700001
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1.1 three folder, can store 3x99 recording folder

1.2 can select HQ, MQ, LQ recording mode:

folder HQ: 64Kbps WAV format recording mode.

folder MQ: 32Kbps WAV format recording mode.

Folder LQ: 8Kbps ACT format recording mode.

1.3 (MP3/ WMA) folder: can download directly MP3/ WMA format music from computer.

1.4 play previous or next.

1.5 Display recording time/ residual recording time

1.6 Single circuit playing , folder circuit playing, A-B repeat playing.

1.7 Clock function (24 Hours system)

1.8 Timing recording function

1.9 VOR function, can record voice automatically depend on voice signal strong or weak. (HQ recording mode don't have this function) .

1.10 Record telephone voice function.

1.11 Power off automatically: when unit stand by, if don't press any key about 60 seconds, it will be power off automatically.

1.12 Digital volume degree control.

1.13 Low voltage hint and save recording file function.

1.14 USB-2.0 jack.

1.15 PC operation software, can switch ACT recording format into WAV format.

1.16 Built-in high fidelity speaker.

1.17 Password locked, avoid be purloined

1.18. Can supply power when connect with computer USB jack.