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Wholesale USB Digital Telephone Phone Call Voice Recorder

Wholesale USB Digital Telephone Phone Call Voice Recorder
  • Wholesale USB Digital Telephone Phone Call Voice Recorder
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Automatically record phone conversations into a voice database through the USB port of your computer

With the phone call recording management software, you can manage all of your stored recordings and even e-mail them.

Automatic caller ID and popup windows alert you instantly when a call is coming in.

Easy to install and use

Size: about 125 x 86 x 22 mm

1. USB interface, plug and play, no driver needed

2. FSK/ DTMF Caller ID Display, high accuracy

3. Automatic popup window for incoming and outgoing calls. Record all incoming, outgoing, and missed phone calls.

4. With phonebook, call records management, and query functions. Phonebook can be converted into Excel files.

5. Automatic gain control to make sound clear and loud.

6. Digital recording, support 64KBPS and 8KBPS compression format to save storage space

7. Telephone point: high resistance connection

8. With software to measure the line voltage of phone (suitable for any wired analog phone line of Telecom and Unicom) .

9. Come with free recording management software

10. Automatically dial the number in phonebook and the number from call records through the software.

Suitable for desktop computer, laptop, or netbook

Support Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7


For Windows 7 system, please run this software with admin account. There are different versions of Windows 7. Some of them need to run 'Win7 Sound Card Repair Spirit Perfect V3.0 exe'.

If there is something wrong, please run 'Win7 Sound Card Repair Spirit Perfect V3.0 exe' on the CD. Restart your computer when successfully ran. Then install this software.

If there is no sound during operation, please check and follow the user manual on CD.

Please note that all the program name is in English. Please just copy and paste.

How to install:

1. Connect voice recorder to computer via USB cable;

2. With 2 ports for phone line and telephone;

3. Installation tips will appear when the recorder is connected via USB cable for the first time;

4. Please restart your computer according to the instructions.

5. Recording management software is included on the CD. The software is a self-extracting file. Copy the software from CD to your computer.

6. Double-click the USBRecorder. exe which is the management software. Please double-click 'help_en. htm' on the CD to view instructions about the software.

++ Package included ++

1 x Phone Voice Recorder

1 x USB Cable

1 x Telephone Line

1 x CD (user guide included)

Packaged in paper box