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Wholesale mini 8GB Pen Digital Voice Recorder

Wholesale mini 8GB Pen Digital Voice Recorder
  • Wholesale mini 8GB Pen Digital Voice Recorder
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1. mini 8GB Pen Digital Voice Recorder with Flash USB Memory Drive

Sound Record

New Updated 2th 2in1 4GB/ 8GB Digital Voice Recorder+ USB Flash Memory Stick Drive1.

USB Keychain Recorder Diagram :

2. Using USB Keychain Voice Recorder:

2.1 See the diagram above, push the switch down, it will power on , red led and green led flashes and goes out, it start recording immediately.

2.2 See the diagram above, push the switch up, it will power off and save recording.

2.3 Ensure there is at least one USB port in your computer (check your PC user?s manual) .

2.4 After switch off the keychain recorder, connect it to the USB port of computer.

2.5 After connecting to computer?s USB port, user can delete data and recording files stored in the keychain recorder

3. About recharging:

3.1 While recharging, Green LED will be on. After2- 3 hours, Recharging is done.

3.2 After fully charged, the battery could support about 14hours continuous recording.

3.3 8GB flash memory could store 20hours recording in WAV format.

3.4 when the battery exhaust, the keychain recorder will autosave the recorded file.

3.5 NO use bad MP3 charger, it will destroy the keychain recorder!


4.1 System Requirements

a) Windows 98 SE, Windows ME/ 2000/ XP/ Vista, MAC 10. X and above

b) At least one available USB port

4.2 Recording can not be played in computer

a) Ensure the Volume is up.

b) Ensure that your voice files have not suffered data loss due to improper operation.

C) Ensure the audio playing software in your computer can play WAV format audio file.

4.3 There is no response when you plug the keychain recorder into a PC

a) Try plug the keychain recorder to PC one more time

b) Ensure your computer meets the System Requirements above

c) Ensure the USB port of the PC is availab