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Wholesale 4GB Stereo Voice Recorder

Wholesale 4GB Stereo Voice Recorder
  • Wholesale 4GB Stereo Voice Recorder
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1. Low-power, long hours recording .

2. Recording monitor hearing function; recordable over headphones when you are recording the same content and can adjust the volume Record up to 396 voice messages.

3. MP3, WMA and ADPCM format support.

4. Recording light can be hidden functions (for secret recording)

5. . MUSIC playing function.

6. VOR Voice Operated Recording function (that is, when recording with sound, no sound when the suspension)

7. SHQ, HQ, SP, LI, Four kinds of recording format selection

8. Support Line-in recording function; telephone recording function.

9. Loop mode

Nor (no loop) One (loop one) All (loop all) .

10. 4 playing balance modes:

NATURL (normal) ROCK (rock and roll) POP (pop) CLASSOL (classic) Repeating mode (A→B) : Repeatedly play certain segment of a song.

11. Delete music: delete existing MP3 music files and voice files, individually or all.

12. Record and record playing.

13. Volume adjustment in 20 levels.

14. USB connectable for uploading and downloading voice files (including music and MP3 song)