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Wholesale N18 8GB Multi-functional Digital Pen

Wholesale N18 8GB Multi-functional Digital Pen
  • Wholesale N18 8GB Multi-functional Digital Pen
Product code: 26326700001
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• pen-shape design sophisticated appearance, the right feel, easy to carry.
• Color LCD display, clear and bright
• Built-in lithium battery, automatic charging, never power off
• Multi-function: MP3 Play, FM Radio, Recorder, E-Book, U Disk.
• Multilingual : Can the choice simplified Chinese character, traditional Chinese character, English, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Italian, Holland text, Portugal text, the Tai text and Spanish language.
• Support variety audio frequency format, Like MP1, MP2, MP3, WMA, WMV, ASF, WAV etc. music format.
• 7 kinds of machine with balanced tone color: Nature, rock'n roll, popular, classic, soft, jazz, heavy bass
• The variety broadcast mode: Common mode, list song circulation, the catalogue broadcast, catalogue circulation, all circulation, random broadcast, browse to broadcast.
• FM stereo radio: Strong auto search broadcasting station or hand to move to search broadcasting station function, 40 (each make type 20) native broadcasting station of saving dissimilarity frequency, let you easy listen to a broadcasting station program.
• One-button quick recording, easy to use
• Do not need to drive U dish function: DO not need management procedure, can direct carry on a document operation through'can move disk' in'my computer', have never need install to drive procedure in the WIN2000 abovely the system.
• Memory: 8G optional
• In fixed time shut down: Can enactment sleep mode and province electricity mode, make you usage get up to feel more convenience.
• Smooth writing pen, the cartridge run out can be replaced.

Thank you for your purchase.
Please read this manual carefully before using your new player.
Contents in this manual may change possibly for better service.
We have the right to make changes to this manual without notice.
If the actual operations of your player is not the same as the instruction in this manual, please visit our website for latest product information.
Under environment of hot, cold, dust, humidity, dryness. Please don't use MP3 player.
Be careful of falling to MP3 player.
Battery age is different according using condition or manufactory or production date.
Please be instead of battery in time when battery indicates
when again turn on and auto-turn off quickly after system auto-turn off .
when button operation is not response .
MP3 player can be not paused for linking to computer and formatting U disk.
User import / export file according to right operation method, This company must not accept the blame if files are lost for your work error .