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Wholesale Digital Voice Recorder 4GB

Wholesale Digital Voice Recorder 4GB
  • Wholesale Digital Voice Recorder 4GB
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Mini USB Digital Voice Recorder 4GB USB Flash Drive Audio Recorder MP3 Music Player


Color: Black, White

Auto save, recordings are saved instantly

14 hours battery last. Wav format digital recordings. Approx recording distance, 20 meters

Great for recording lectures, meetings, interviews

One-button recording

In any standby state, move 'REC' button to REC to enter the recording status (REC indicator blinks)

In the recording process, move 'REC' key to KEEP to save the audio file and then exit the recording into the recording playback standby

Wait for 60S into the soft-off state! Waiting for the next press the REC button

Hearing aid function

Plug in your headphones when recording can achieve hearing aid and record the entire hearing aid process

Recording playback

In the recording standby state (screen REC PLAY 'light) , short press' PLAY / PAUSE 'button to start playing the audio file (in this case the' REC PLAY indicator flashes)

Music player

In music player standby state (in the music player screen 'MUSIC PLAY light) , press the' PLAY / PAUSE 'button to start playing music files (in this case the' MUSIC PLAY indicator blinks)


The screen display Happy Valley when charging, Happy Valley stop turn into four lights all light when charge saturation, low power four lights flashing indicates the need for electrical recording pen charging

Removable Disk (upload / download)

In addition to being upgraded, under any circumstances will the voice recorder into the PC's USB port, the system would immediately interrupt the current operation, With PC, operating system come with disk drive letter (voice recorder screen lit) , a disk operation can be carried out