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Wholesale 4ports USB Telephone Recorder

Wholesale 4ports USB Telephone Recorder
  • Wholesale 4ports USB Telephone Recorder
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TX2006U4 Telephone Recording System can expand to more channel recording system, each USB box is 4 channel, it can mostly connect with 4 PCS in one PC, and to be 16channels.

Main Features:

1. Supports2000/ NT/ XP/ 2003/ Vista / WIN7 Simplified Chinese version, Traditional Chinese version, English Operation system.

2. If your telephone line has the CID function, and an incoming call was unanswered, the system would detect the CID and record it automatically.

3. When the conversation is small, and the system can plus the voice to be big, so that you can listen the good sound.

4. Able to convert to standard Wave or MP3 file Format

5. Control by PC interface

6. Search by Date, Time File Size Comments.

7. User definable right for Administration purpose

8. Real time monitoring phone conversation

9. Record all incoming and outgoing telephone number

10. Support Incoming phone number display if appropriate

11. Filtering some specify phone call for recording option

12. Automatically obtaining control of recording and playing to ensure the volume balance of two speakers

13. Statistics: Analyze time period, date, phone line for each incoming or outgoing phone conversation record

14. Multi-line call record: It can put 4 pieces of 16CH recording cards in one PC.

15. Manage client phone recording, monitoring and replay the phone call through local computer network

16. Popup the Caller ID, meanwhile you can input the customer info.

Application areas:

Telephone Services working Quality Monitoring System

The key sector of Banking, Insurance, commercial call, electric power dispatch, hotline call, complaint call, financial and stock, traffic, securities for audio monitoring

Scheduling departments: Aviation, electric power, railways, oil, ports, transportation and other conducting control center

Monitoring telephone recording as evidence for government departments and enterprises

PC Requirement:

In order to make Tansonic digital Phone Recording System operation normally, We recommend PC requirement according the following:

1 WindowsNT/ Windows2000 or Windows XP / WIN7operation system.

2 CPU Speed ) 800MHz Pentium

3 Can use PCI slot, more than one USB connection

4 Memory: 256M

5 Harddisk 80G above. (Each G channel can record about 140h, 40G can record 5600h, and 80G can record 1200h in compression rate 1: 4)

6 Audio box.

7 Other equipment of PC.

Technic Parameter:

1 Channel: 4Channle, it can expand 4PCS to be 16 channel.

2 Compression times: 1/2/4 of compression rate.

3 Recording start mode: Voltage/ Key/ Sound control.

4 Consume power maximai: ≤ 10W

5 Temperature: 5c-40c

6 SNR: 60dB

7 Humidity: 5%-85%

8 Requency: 300-3400Hz (± 3dB)

9 Input impedance: AC<8MΩ , DC<100kΩ

10 Data speed: 16 Kbps/ 32Kbps/ 64kbps/ 1s

11 Interface mode: RJ11

12 Distortion degree: ≤ 2%

13 Call number: FSK/ DTMF

14 FSK concoct mode: Logic 0: 2200Hz± 1%, Logic 1: 1200Hz± 1%

15 Calling Monitoring: Signal sound / Voice/ Polarity reversal.

16 DTMF code: 0~9/ */ #/ A/ B/ C/ D

17 Exchange function: 256 channel exchange directly.

18 Voice file: WAV