Lei Branch NS108V city village dedicated switch 8-port plastic shell VLAN Fast switch | anti-loop

Lei Branch NS108V city village dedicated switch 8-port plastic shell VLAN Fast switch | anti-loop

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Netcore / Lei Branch
  • Model: NS108V
  • Condition: New
  • Transmission speed: 100Mbps
  • Switch Type: Ethernet switch
  • Number of interfaces: 8
  • Whether to support VLAN: support
  • Stackable: Not stackable
  • After-sales service: Genius

Lei Branch NS108V city in the village community dedicated switch 8 port VLAN Fast switch anti-loop

The NS108V is an 8-port Fast Ethernet switch that provides plug-and-play, unmanaged, cell-specific, Ethernet and Fast Ethernet connectivity solutions. The switch has a built-in VLAN and loop monitoring feature, 8 port is the uplink port.Curing VLAN without management, simple and practical, can effectively shield the broadcast storm, and improve network security.At the same time the switch can automatically monitor any physical port connected to the network whether there is a loop, and automatically blocked The physical port of the loop, improve the network integrity. Select NS108V, so you have a network safer, more efficient.

main feature
Anti-loop: NS108V can automatically monitor the following physical ports connected to the network there is a loop, once the loop will immediately ring the device in the light and automatically block the loop to monitor the port, loop can be avoided Caused by the network dropped.
Port isolation: port isolation function without management, the default 8-port shared uplink port, and the remaining 1 to 7, respectively, and 8 to form a VLAN, which can effectively shield the broadcast storm to prevent ARP attacks.

Product Features
Follow IEEE802.3 Ethernet and IEEE802.3u fast Ethernet protocol standards
Eight 10 / 100Mbps TX auto-sensing ports
Each 10M / 100M port supports full-duplex / half-duplex mode of operation
Loop monitoring
Port isolation
Automatic MDI / MDI-X Line Crossing
Store and forward and frame filter function
Automatic address learning and aging
Broadcast storm suppression
LED indicators provide simple and management functions
Plug and Play

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