Wholesale PS\2 Keyboard Recorder PS\2 Computer recorder

Wholesale PS\2 Keyboard Recorder PS\2 Computer recorder

Product description:

Plug & Play - No software required
Compatible with All PS/ 2 Keyboards
Undetectable by software
Memory capacity: 2MB

PS/ 2 keylogger

1. The device applies to PS/ 2 type keyboard.
2. Plug and Play, no need to install any software.
3. Entered automatically record the contents of the keyboard.
4. The size of a small, easy to install, can not easily be detected.
5. No noise, no lights, the computer switch does not affect for their working.
6. After recording finished, can plug any other computer to read records.
7. Records quickly and the remaining available space, delete records, search records of a specific Character
8. The device cannot detect by anti-virus software
It can record up to six months worth of text with absolutely no software required and virtually impossible to detect.
This unique device is the perfect solution for auditing computer usage.
Accessing the stored text couldn't be easier-simply launch any text editor and type in the provided password and instant access to all written text.