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C2 Clock DVR Motion Detection Video Camera

C2 Clock DVR Motion Detection Video Camera
  • C2 Clock DVR Motion Detection Video Camera
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C2 Clock DVR Touchscreen Motion Detection H. 264 Video Camera MOV

Video recording format : MOV

Image code : H. 264

Video recording resolution : 640*480 30frames; 1280*720 30 frames; 1920*1080 10 frames, optional

Photographing resolution : 4032*3024 (1200 millon)

Playing software : System built-in software or mainstream audio and video playing software

Picture format : JPG

Support system : Windows me/ 2000/ XP/ 2003/ Vista; Mac os 10.4; Win7

Charging voltage : DC-5V

Interface and storage medium : MINI 5 Pin USB, HDMI, MicroSD TF

Battery type : 18650 lithium battery 3.7V

Thank you for using the micro picture recording product of our company, before using this product, please read the instructions carefully.


1. Please do not use the machine is dusty and humid environment;

2. Please avoid using the machine is very dry environment as far as possible in case of static electricity;

3. Please do not make the machine rub and collide with hard object, otherwise the appearance will be scraped or other hardware will be damaged;

4. During formation of the machine or in uploading and downloading of file, please do not disconnect, otherwise program error will occur;

5. When the machine is used as a removable disk, please store the imported file according to the correct file management and operation method.

please make a backup to the important data, any wrong operation will cause data loss and our company will not assume responsibility for it.

6. Please do not demount the machine, the machine can be charged via USB interface;

7. When operating the machine, if finding that it unable to turn off the machine, record picture and connect to the computer, please press the rest key.

I. Characteristics of the machine:

1. Unique appearance design, flat Touch Pad;

2. Intelligent touch induction (when the user is close to the clock, the clock will be automatically awakened and the backlight prompts user operation) ;

3. Low-voltage detection function (when the battery voltage is less than 3.3V, the main/ secondary menu icon flashes at 1Hz, all functional operations of the clock are invalid) ;

4. Perpetual calendar function, the clock is of multi-prompting function selection: get-up and sleep alarm clock, single-time clock, birthday clock.

hourly prompting, monthly prompting, setting inquiry and fixed-time picture recording function;

5. HD fixed-time picture recording, real-time picture recording, photographing, voice recording and mobile detection function;

6. HD 10000000-pixel camera, 1080P effect, photographed picture is clearer;

7. HD MOV format, synchronous audio and video recording;

8. Picture recording resolution: 320*240 (30 frames) ; 1280*720 (30 frames) ; 1440*1080 (15 frames) optional

9. Separate photographing function, photo quality is up to 4032*3024, 12000000 pixels

10. Built-in high-capacity reverse chargeable lithium battery

11. External erasable Flash 1-64GB optional.

12. Cyclic picture recording function