Wholesale HD 1280 x 960 2.4G Wireless Remote Control Switch Hidden Camera with Motion Detect

Wholesale HD 1280 x 960 2.4G Wireless Remote Control Switch Hidden Camera with Motion Detect

Product description:


Function: HD 1280 x 960 2.4G wireless remote control switch hidden camera with motion detect


- Uses 2.4G wireless remote control, remote control distance of up to 20 meters, including the curve reflects the simple, responsive.

- Using high-capacity battery, continuous recording up to 5 hours of recording time without the human body sensor.

- Use CCD lenses to ensure high-resolution, low light.

Product key:

- Key A: Starting up

- Key B: Take photos

- Key C: Take video

- Key D: Motion detect

Operating Instructions

- Starting Up: Open the switch's cover, and then slide the switch on the machine to on, press the A button on the remote control, red keep bright enters the standby state

- Take Photo: In standby mode, short press the B button, and red lights flashing once, it means take a picture and save it.

- Take Video: In standby mode, short press the C key, red light flashing three times then off, then starting to take video, then press the C button, the red bright, stop recording and save.

- Body Sensor Camera: In standby mode, short press the D button, the red and blue light flash three times, then enter the motion detection status. When detect a moving picture object

- Shutdown: In standby mode, press the A button, blue light flashes three times, shut down.

- USB Connected to The Computer: Open the removable disk can read the file, USB connected to the computer

- Charging: USB connected to the computer ro charging , Or you can connect the charger, the red light flashes when charging, fully charged red keep bright.

- Time Modify Setting: Please insert the TF card to the machine, connect the computer, open the 'Time' document in the removable hard disk, then change the time to current time, then save the 'Time' file . After saving the file and exit security hardware, restart the machine, time setting is completed. And now video file time of watermark is set at the same time with you.

Video Format: AVI

Video Encoding: M-JPEG

Video Resolution: 1280 x 960

Photo: 1280 x 1024

Video Frame Rate: 30fps

Picture Format: JPG

Image Ratio: 4: 3

Playback Software: Operating system or Mainstream audio and video playback software

Support System: Windows me / 2000 / xp / 2003 / vista / Macos / Linux

Working Time: About 3 hours

Charging Voltage: DC-5V

Battery Type: High capacity polymer lithium battery 3000mah

Interface Type: Mini 8Pin USB

Storage: TF card

Color: White

Item Size ( L x W x H ) : 79 x 79 x 20mm

Item Weight: 58g

Package Size ( L x W x H ) : 130 x 110 x 50mm

Package Weight: 186g

After Sales Service: 1 Year Warranty

Package Include:

1 x Hidden Camera

1 x Remote Control

1 x USB Cable

1 x User Manual