Wholesale 16MB Mini PS \ 2 Keyboard Recorder Smart Fast Hardware Key Logger

Wholesale 16MB Mini PS \ 2 Keyboard Recorder Smart Fast Hardware Key Logger

Product description:


Main Features:

- The device applies to all PS / 2 type keyboard.

- Built-in password protection.

- Support admin password (best for reset password when forgotten) .

- Plug and Play, no need to install any software.

- Entered automatically record the contents of the keyboard.

- The size of a small, easy to install, can not easily be detected.

- No noise, no lights, the computer switch does not affect their the work.

- After recording finished off at any one computer to read record.

- Records quickly and the remaining available space, delete records, search records of a specific character.

- Notepad procedures used can easily operate the device.

- The device can not detect by anti-virus software.

- Device will not have any display information to ensure an excellent occult.

Record Mode: Connect this key logger with keyboard and PS / 2 port of your PC host. After install it will record each keystrokes of this computer. You can read the keystrokes by any computer.

Completely Secure: No one but you can access the logs. Saved keystrokes are protected with a secret password that you can set or change at any time. Key logger stores everything encrypted with a strong 128-bit key, making unauthorized access to information all but impossible.

Built-in 16MB memory

Record keystrokes over 10 million (over one year)

Net Weight: 19g

Package Dimensions: 100 x 60 x 25mm

Color: Black

After Sales Service: 1 Year Warranty

Package Include:

1 x Keyboard Recorder

1 x User Manual