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V18 flashlight, high-definition digital camera ignition multifunctional mini DV, compact, easy to carry

V18 flashlight, high-definition digital camera ignition multifunctional mini DV, compact, easy to carry
  • V18 flashlight, high-definition digital camera ignition multifunctional mini DV, compact, easy to carry
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1 , shape, button

( Picture for reference only , please prevail in kind )
1: heating wire , 2: the ignition switch , 3: USB, 4: Reset hole ; 5 : On, off key .
6 : camera hole , 7: bright LED lights , 8: TF card , 9 : Indicator Kong , 10: flashlight switch
2 Introduction
This product is the first with a bright flashlight , high-definition digital camera / 's MINI DV lighter , TF card memory .
you can shoot high-definition screen, and this product is simple , small and exquisite , beautiful and practical , easy to carry .
the family security, education, life and other areas of essential utilities , by all users of all ages .
3, the function
A lighter camera features two function 3 flashlight function
4, the relevant parameters
Project-related parameters
AVI video format
Video encoding M-JPEG
Video resolution 1920 * 10801280 * 720
Video frame rate 30fps
Playback software operating system or Mainstream audio and video playback software
Picture format JPG 1280 * 720
Photo 5M pix
Aspect Ratio 16: 9
Support Systems Windows me/ 2000 xp 2003/ vista: M
Battery capacity 300mAh
Charging voltage DC-5V
Interface type MINI 5pin USB
Storage Support micro SD card
Battery type high-capacity lithium polymer
V. Notes
Let usage scenarios : Please strictly abide by relevant laws and regulations , this product can not be used for any illegal purposes, or peril.
About the Battery : With the growth in the use of time , the battery operating time has been shortened , long unused , in the fully charged before use .
Actual capacity of the player slightly less than the nominal capacity, is a normal phenomenon !
File security : This product is not a professional storage device , does not guarantee the integrity of internal storage and security of documents .
please immediately in a computer or other storage device to back up your important files.
Recording quality : This product is non-professional video equipment , does not guarantee that the effect of video files can be up to your expectations .
Operating temperature : 0 -40
Humidity: 20% -80% , do not place wet working environment, the product is not waterproof .
Shooting illumination : Please lit environment , do not use your camera directly to strong light source such as the sun , avoid optical devices suffer injury.
Cleaning: Do not dust density is too large to use the environment to avoid dust contamination of lenses and other components affect the camera effects .
the lens with lens cleaning paper or cloth to gently wipe the glasses , to keep clean .
Other matters: The product belongs to sophisticated electronic products , do not subject it to strong impact, vibration : Do not use strong magnetic field is used .
Waste treatment: Please pay attention to environmental protection , do not discard this product. Prohibit throwing of this product in a fire because they may explode .
Additional information: unspecified other matters, please contact your local dealer .