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UPS uninterruptible power supply SVC V-1500W stand-alone stand-backup 1 hour with automatic shutdown LCD UPS

UPS uninterruptible power supply SVC V-1500W stand-alone stand-backup 1 hour with automatic shutdown LCD UPS
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  • Condition: New
  • Brand: SVC
  • Model: V-1500W

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Product Name: SVC V-1500W UPS uninterruptible power supply
Configuration list: SVC V-1500W '1500VA / 900W' host one
SVC V-1500W Power 1500VA 900W Built-in 12V9AH battery 2 super voltage regulator, automatic shutdown of the computer for server use
Warranty: host warranty for three years, built-in battery warranty for one year, the battery life of 2-3 years, the built-in battery can be replaced

1, super voltage range of 145-280V, suitable for ultra-unstable voltage areas

2, high power 900W, with medium-sized server, you can take four general computer, three good computer, two super game computer,

3, with monitoring software interface, online monitoring voltage, current, capacity, you can turn off the server and computer after power failure

4, built-in 12V 9AH battery 2, an ordinary computer can be used 30-60 minutes, 2 computers can be used 20-40 minutes, 3 computers can be used for 10-30 minutes

An 800W server can be used for 10-20 minutes

SEQ ID NO: PM-C3E5A-D500D-16A41-019E0

Call start function: low power lock machine, as long as there is electricity to the time, you can automatically open the machine to achieve unattended

  • Three-level AVR function, wide power input range of 145V-280V
  • Battery low voltage automatic protection shutdown
  • With overvoltage and undervoltage protection
  • With RJ45 surge protection interface and USB software monitoring
  • Efficient online interaction - circuit topology
  • Intelligent CPU control
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1.Wide wide input voltage range 145-290Vac Strong Big The ability to adapt to the environment.
2.Multi-level automatic voltage regulator function, high load safety performance.
3.Intelligent DC boot, to meet the use of emergency situations.
4.Excellent generator compatibility and grid synchronization tracking capability.
5.Perfect and reliable battery undervoltage, output short circuit, overload, over voltage, over temperature protection.
6.Fully automatic charging, to extend the battery life.
7.Intelligent battery protection, to prevent the battery depth of discharge and damage the battery.
8.Intelligent management, optional accessories RS232Interface or USB Interface to complete the automatic archive shutdown and host-side ups Of the functional parameters of the configuration changes.
9.Use the muting function in the battery-powered state to turn off the alarm tone to reduce noise.
10.Luxurious and beautiful large-screen LCD panel display, more accurate display ups Status information (only part of the model product).
11.Equipped with RJ45 / RJ11Network protection interface, the provision of surge protection for network equipment ((only part of the model products).
Applications: Applicable to post and telecommunications, railway, petroleum, chemical, education, business, banking and other industries office computers, office automation and home computers, home multi-coal, home audio-visual equipment.
Vortex Series
1. Wide input voltage range 145-290Vac, applicable to all kinds of environments
2. Wide buck and boost AVR function, keeps the loads safer.
3. Intelligent startup in DC mode, satisfies the users during emergencies.
4. Compatible to generator output and automatic startup when AC recovers.
5. Protections for low battery, output short circuit, overload, over voltage, over temperature ... etc.
6. Night charging enabled, prolongs battery 's life.
7. Smart battery protection system, which prevents battery damage due to deep discharging.
8. Communication interface installed, compatible to either USB or RS232, enables the users to reset the parameters of the functional setup and automatically shut off the UPS after saving the data.
9. Silence function in DC mode, keeps the users away from the noise.
10. Elegant LCD display with more accurate indications (for some models only).
11. RJ45 / 11 installed, providing surge protection to network equipments (for some models only).
Applied range: Suitable for all kinds of office computers for all industries, including postal communication, railway, petroleum, chemical, education, commerce, bank ... etc, as well as office automatization, personal computer sets, home multimedia and audiovisual facilities

Technical Parameters / Specifications
model / Model # V-1500
Input voltage range / Input voltage range 145-290Vac
Output voltage range / Output voltage range 200-255Vac ± 5Vac
Output frequency / Output frequency (Battery mode / DC mode) 50Hz
Output waveform / Output wave form Square wave (Battery mode ) / PWM (DC mode)
Conversion time / Transfer time ?10ms
Standby time / Backup time (1PC + 1pc 15 inch CRT) 30-60minute / Minutes
Battery number and capacity / QTY. & Capacity of battery 12V9A H* 2pcs
Charging time / Charging period 10-16hour / Hours
software interface / Interface RJ45 / 11 & PS2
net weight (Kg) / Net weight (kg) 13.0 Shipping 14 kg
Machine size (Mm) / Unit dimension (mm) 335*118*260
Operating environment / Environment of performance temperature / Temperature 0-40,humidity / Humidity 20% -90%
*Notes / Notes:
For with PS2software Interface ups , PS2Dedicated data lines and discs are optional premium accessories. / Software cable and CD for PS2 (referring to those groups which are with PS2 connector) are toll and optional.