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Joylife electronic kitchen scale food cake baking scale measurement kitchen weighing 10 kg weighing 1g scale

Joylife electronic kitchen scale food cake baking scale measurement kitchen weighing 10 kg weighing 1g scale
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Joylife hereby declare: In order to coordinate the aesthetic habits, dark blue is the black shell, not the deep blue shell, the front is dark blue. Black is the whole black. In fact, this subject, if the pro mind before making please consult, thank you support .
Concerned about health from the beginning of the diet
1, the Chinese Academy of Sciences report suggested that the Chinese people every day to eat '62 two-grain four-two meat ', so reasonable to eat? How much meat to eat? Food to eat? Meat to eat what meat is better food grain rice, etc., it is good?
answer: Chinese Nutrition Society recommended 250-400 grams per person per day to eat grain (dry weight), six or two of the basic food argument . Because everyone's height and size, age, physical activity is not the same, it is impossible for all the staple food intake are exactly the same.For example, if the office of women, Can be arranged according to 250 grams of food to three meals a day; if it is heavy physical activity or large amount of exercise forging men, the number can be increased more than 400 grams.
Staple food, in addition to rice flour, healthy people recommend eating at least one-third of coarse grains, that is, in addition to rice flour outside the starchy seeds, such as purple rice, whole wheat, barley, millet, oats, corn, sorghum Rice, red beans, green beans, kidney beans, as well as lotus seeds such as barley is also included .Diabetes, fatty liver and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease is recommended to eat two-thirds .This helps to control blood sugar and blood lipids, but also Provide more vitamins and minerals.
Meat is recommended to eat a day or two to one and two half (boneless pure lean meat), preferred less fat meat, or by cooking and other cooking methods to reduce the fat content of meat among our residents, greedy people quite , And too much red meat (pork, beef and mutton) will increase the risk of heart disease and colorectal cancer, the research evidence that the average daily less than half of the following safer.
2, the guide said to eat 'six two vegetables one or two oil', one or two more oil? How much oil to eat every day? Grease to eat more What is the risk? What to eat better oil? Single eat an oil, OK? Vegetables should be how to eat? Eat how much?

A: one or two of the oil too much.China Nutrition Society recommended to eat half of the oil.This is because the oil will increase the risk of obesity, and obesity and diabetes, cardiovascular disease, colorectal cancer and other diseases are closely related to the risk The amount of oil is more important than the type, no matter what oil can not eat, because the cooking oil is 99.9% of fat, eat more easily obese.
Generally speaking, the replacement of varieties is better, but also depends on a variety of oil inside the composition of the characteristics of fatty acids, such as soybean oil, corn oil and sunflower oil is relatively small difference; olive oil and tea seed oil difference is relatively small, peanut oil, rice bran oil And sesame oil is relatively close to.For people who often eat meat, do not recommend eating lard, butter and butter, which is higher in saturated fat and cholesterol.
Vegetables 6 two less.Vegetables and food is different, it should go through selective wash, remove the hard stem old leaves, or peeled to the root, in fact, the number of food to eat but also a lot of discounts to eat. , In fact, to buy two or two Caixing. Chinese Nutrition Society recommends that every day to eat 6 to 2 pounds of vegetables , That is to say the actual amount of food, not including the amount thrown into the trash. Eat more vegetables, especially enough to eat more than 4 dark green leafy vegetables, can help reduce the risk of a variety of cancer and cardiovascular disease, Is very important for health.
Note that the vegetables should be as fresh as possible, cooking as little as possible oil in the oil in the vegetable is very difficult to play health benefits.
3, the guide said to eat 'one or two eggs two fish', one day to eat an egg will not exceed the standard? How should eat eggs? How much to eat fish every day? Eat a few times a week? Eat fish What are the benefits?
answer: A daily egg cholesterol is only 200 mg, 300 mg from the limit there is a distance, healthy people can eat an egg a day.If you have high cholesterol, high blood sugar, it is recommended to control the degree of half a day.If you eat eggs, Egg yolk to eat, because 12 kinds of vitamins and a variety of health care ingredients are in the egg yolk. Cooking methods to keep the oil cooking, water splashing, steaming eggs is better.
Fish can eat an average of 75-100 grams per day, which is removed after the two thorns within the meat 2. Fish can provide protein and omega-3 fatty acids
, But it is too much time will also cause protein overdose, and may bring water pollutants.Cooking also pay attention to less oil, do not fry method, otherwise the fish will not bring any benefits to prevent heart disease.
4, the guide said, eat 'half a catty of fruit pound milk', a day of milk science? Drink how much is appropriate? Why drink milk, because the Chinese people inside the calcium deficiency diet? From other sources Research has shown that men drink more than 600 grams of milk a day likely to increase the risk of prostate cancer, so that science?
answer : For adults, the milk is more than 600 grams a day.China Nutrition Society recommended 300 grams of milk per day, including milk, yogurt, milk, cheese, ice cream, etc. (equivalent to a one-time raw milk) Cup 1 cup milk, plus a small cup of yogurt .Common residents of calcium dietary calcium in the recommended amount of 300-400 milligrams between the increase of 300 grams of milk can provide at least 300 mg of calcium, basically meet the dietary needs If you do not eat milk, you can eat green leafy vegetables and soy products to be made up, but not as easy as drinking milk.
Men 600 grams of milk to increase the risk of prostate cancer, but also reduce the risk of colorectal cancer.However, there is no evidence that 300 grams of milk can effectively prevent or promote cancer.National nutrition experts do not recommend drinking more than 500 grams of milk a day.

5, the elderly, children, young and middle-aged nutrition, the difference between the structure of diet? Can generalize it? How should we eat? How many people eat a reasonable population of the family?
A: Everyone work, forging chain, the body is not the same health, the proportion of food in the diet also need to be adjusted. Can not be generalized. But for healthy adults, according to the Chinese Nutrition Society of all kinds of food recommended range Eating is certainly beneficial to health .Each person can according to their appetite (in the premise of not causing obesity) appropriate to adjust the number, choose oneself like to eat and eat after feeling good food varieties.
Children and the nutritional needs of the elderly and ordinary adults do not like to buy a If you do not know how to mix, or do not know how to prepare a reasonable proportion of food for the whole family, you can Consult a nutritionist or other professional.