YB-562 Portable Frequency Counter for Two Way Radio

YB-562 Portable Frequency Counter for Two Way Radio

Product description:

Hot spots:

  1. Frosted iron shell -Sturdy and durable
  2. Exclusive CTCSS indicator
This Meter using dot-matrix LCD display is designed to detect frequency, CTCSS and DCS of radio device. This Meter adopts the antenna inductively measure, without the use of the feeder, direct detect, convenient and quick.
  1. All of our items are Brand New.
  2. Frequency range: 50MHz~2.4GHz
  3. Detect CTSS/ DCS code within a second
  4. Long press the power button can select 0.1K or 1K
  5. 0.1K will display 4-digit; 1K will display 3-digit
  6. Uplink displays frequency; downlink displays CTCSS
  7. Front and rear shells are made of Frosted iron shell which eliminating the fissile and fragile trouble from plastic housing
  8. The best distance between the detected device and this Meter is 2-20cm
  9. YB-562 Dimensions: 10 (L) X8 (W) X3 (H) cm (not include antenna)
  10. Auto power off: 1 minutes
  11. 6F22 9V battery
  12. Net Weight: 173g

    Notice: Its LED will light up until only the CTCSS is measured; if there is no CTCSS, the red light will not light up.
Package Include:
  • 1 X YB-562 Frequency Counter