Wholesale mini interphone T4508 interphone Walkie Talkie

Wholesale mini interphone T4508 interphone Walkie Talkie

Product description:

Paired packaging standard configuration, contains 2 host, 2 clip, 1. (do not contain 3 batteries of 7)

Product Description: the maximum communication distance can be up to 3 km (as the terrain conditions, calling distance with the terrain and the environment changed)

Motorola T4508 Walkie Talkie :

The national standards, the use of the license and exempted from channel occupation fee

409-410MHZ China public civil frequency (exemption application and completely free)

1 call tone

The 20 group of channels

The battery needs to be 3 AAA alkaline batteries

Fixed and durable antenna can call the range of maximum

To end the call to confirm the voice prompts the other you have to end the call

Call call call each other to attract the attention of the opposite side before

The low battery warning sound warning

Can quickly remove the back clamp