Wholesale watch handheld walkie-talkie

Wholesale watch handheld walkie-talkie

Product description:

The wristwatch walkie talkie can offer you the freedom to go anywhere and do anything-from weekend hiking to just hanging out at a mall. This wristwatch walkie talkie is lightweight, state-of-the-art communications devices, providing a new fashionable communication way to your daily life. This package comes with two wristwatch walkie talkies, 2 Li-ion batteries, 2 headsets, 2 chargers. To stay in contact with friends while camping, hiking, skiing or biking, this wristwatch walkie talkie can ensure your safety when cell phone signals fade and fall short.

Still holding a walkie talkie in your hand to communicate with your friends? No, you don?t have to now! You can WEAR it just like a watch!

Technical Details:

Newest generation in personal two-way communications

Lightweight, compact two-way communication device

Can ensure your safety when cell phone signals fade and fall short

Wrist watch style in smart fashion, Multi-channels


-Wrist watch style in smart fashion

-Multi-channels (depend on different country)

-Auto Squelch

-Auto Battery Saving

-Auto Channel Scan

-Internal VOX

-Digital volume control

-12 hours AM/ PM time display

-Backlight for LCD display

-Li-ion battery with charge

Working frequency:

China: 20 channel from 409.75mhz to 409.9875mhz

USA: 22 channel from 462.5625mhz to 462.725mhz

Euro.: 8 channel from 446.00625mhz to 446.09375mhz

Korea: 25 channel form 448.75mhz to 449.2625mhz

Tanwai: 14 channel form 467.5125mhz to 467.675mhz


Package included :

- 2 wristwatches

- 2 AC Adaptors

- 2 Li-ion Batteries

- 2 headsets

- 1 User manual