Wholesale 65dBi 3G GSM Mobile Phone Signal Repeater

Wholesale 65dBi 3G GSM Mobile Phone Signal Repeater

Product description:

Dual Band 65dBi 3G GSM Mobile Phone Signal Repeater GSM 3G Booster Amplifier Extender

Frequency: 3G: Upstream: 1920-1990MHz

Down : 2110-2180MHz

GSM: (Upstream) : 890-915MHz

(Down) 935-960MHz

Power: 30DBm

Gain: 65DBi

Coverage: 500-1000 SQUARE Meter

Noise figure : ≤5dB

VSWR: ≤1.5 (V.S.W.R)

Device delay: 1μs

Spurious Radiation: ≤-36dBm

SIZE: 240MM*182MM*22MM


suitable : 500 square meters around ( it will be different according to your using condition )

Application Scope:

A, Small regions of signal or weak signal blind area, such as underground or semi-underground place of business, basements, underground parking, etc.;

B, Complaints from small-scale hot-signal areas, such as conference rooms, a small supermarket, small shopping malls, the office and small public areas, etc.;

C, Traffic and social influence of large areas, such as bars, cafes, dance halls, cafes, fitness clubs, leisure and entertainment, etc.;

D, Elevator, lift wells in particular, not in the lift cables laid;

E, Home, office, luxury yachts, private cars, public security system and road safety management, etc.