Wholesale Wireless Camera Detector Wireless signal detectors

Wholesale Wireless Camera Detector Wireless signal detectors

Product description:

Wireless Camera Detector Description

Wired camera with 4 IR LED to detect the pin hole camera, just press one button the IR LED will flicking every 2 seconds, the pin hole camera lens will detected with special color easliy to recognise.

Wireless Camera Detector Features:

1. InHotel room to prevent eavesdropping and photographs surreptitiously.

2. In car to prevent the tracker or montior.

3. In gambling place to prevent electronic cheating.

4. At school to prevent exam electronic cheating.

5. In house to protect safety and privacy.

6. In Government which prohibited all mobile phone.

7. Any private room or space in the company, factory, cinema, opera house, dressing room and so on.

Wireless Camera Detector Specifications:

1. Laser detecting distance: 10cm-10m (cam see IR flash) .

2. Electronic wave detecting distance: 5cm-10m (according as the transmitting power of the camera)

3.50mw-200mw detecting distance will be 30-50cm

4.300mw-600mw detecting distance will be 100-200cm

5.800mw-1200mw detecting diatance will be 300-800cm