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Wholesale DE-02 Mini Frequency Counter

Wholesale DE-02 Mini Frequency Counter
  • Wholesale DE-02 Mini Frequency Counter
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DE-02 Mini Frequency Counter

Mini frequency counter

The said frequency counter can continually test the analog radio signal (handhold radio, wireless phone, etc) and digital radio signal, to display the frequency parameter with the signal strength. This is the best tools for the signal testing and radio maintenance.

Frequency step : 200k (digital radio signal) , 1k, 100Hz.

Testing distance: UHF: 8m, VHF: 5m.

Testing range: 50MHz ~ 2.4GHz

DE-02 Mini Frequency Counter Antenna: pulling out antenna

Battery: 9V 6F22

Auto power off time: 2 mins. (except for the digital signal gear)

Operation: the only one button with all functions.

the 1st pressing to turn on

welcoming-release the button return to powering off mode

|-continually pressing

to choose the 200k step-release button , 200k mode for digital radio

|-continually pressing

to choose the 1k step - release button , 1k mode for faster testing

|-continually pressing

to choose the 100Hz step – release button, 100Hz mode for accurate testing

-continually pressing

turned on (1k or 100Hz mode) turned on (200k mode) |

press quickly and release normal pressing

to lock the screen display 'Bye Bye'

press quickly again and release release the button, then power off.

unlock the screen

continually pressing for 2 sec or more

display 'Bye Bye'

release the button, then power off.