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Wholesale Handheld wireless signal detector

Wholesale Handheld wireless signal detector
  • Wholesale Handheld wireless signal detector
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Features of the EGB-007D Bug Scanner:

- EGB-007D utilizes unique and intelligent technique that avoids wireless data communication being collected secretly by competitor or business spy, physical protection for Bluetooth, and 802.11b/ g Micommunication.

- Easily operated and user-friendly, no hassle installation needed, need no professional knowledge or skill, a portable device to suit everyone, everywhere and anytime.

- Conference room and office where protect information being collected secretly. Government and military premises that should protect wireless data of WLAN, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth communication

- Battery or Mains compatible.

- Worldwide compatible.

- Can be adjusted depending on different demands.

- For using at meeting rooms, conference rooms, museums, galleries, theatres, concert halls, churches, temples, restaurants, classrooms, training centers, factories, banks, trains, buses etc.

Wifi signal detector Mobile Phone, Camera, Bug Detector with High Sensitivity (RAJ8)


This RF signal detector is specially applied in detecta phone, wiretap, tracker and bug camera. It detects the microwave of 800-1500MHz and 1800-2500MHz as far as up to 100 meters. Coming in cellphone size, the detector is very easy to carry around.

Main Features:

. Small size, easy to take and operate

. Made of high-intensity and quality anti-jamming alloy, durable

. Used to detect the wireless wiretap in car, office, conference room, bathroom, hotel, government and so on

. Check the electromagnet in working place

. Detect the wireless signal sent by wireless detectaphone or tracker in objective place

. Large range of detecting frequency

. Good compatibility

. High sensitivity, adjustable scope

With high sensitivity and covering more than30-40M .

Used for Amry and ploice, Goverment Dept

Main TX Frequency 800-1500mHz, 1800-2500MHZ

Radius range (m) Up to 40 meters

Detecting sensitivity <=0.05mw

Detecting dynamic range 70Db

Indicate mode 9 levels LED luminescence indication/ voicing instruction

Power 9V laminated battery

Available system wireless hidden camera. mobile phone signal (between 1800-2500mHz)

Function High sensitivity, scope adjustable, large range of detecting frequency