Wholesale Underwater Cable Video Camera UWCAMERA-CR109

Wholesale Underwater Cable Video Camera UWCAMERA-CR109

Product description:

Product Details: Discover the other two thirds of our blue planet with this top-of-the-line underwater video camera from Mytopia. Check whether your freestyle swimming kick is just right; inspect propellers and hulls; look into well shafts and pipes; or scout for fish before you throw a line. With your Mytopia video camera, you will always know what's down below. Features:

High-resolution CMOS PAL black-and-white video camera

One camera balancing weight

Camera waterproof to 20 metres

20 metre cable

Six-inch TFT LCD black-and-white monitor

Adjustable brightness and contrast

Camera selector switch

LED power switch


Two camera ports

Video out RCA port

Video in RCA port

V hold dial

Rechargeable 12V battery

Colour system: PAL

Australian charger adaptor

Durable waterproof carry bag

12 Months Australian warranty


Monitor: 15.27cm B/ W TFT LCD

Input voltage: DC 12V 500mA

Camera: B/ W CMOS camera

LED lights: 10 white LEDs with two levels of brightness adjustment

Power/ video connector: 5pinDIN (C1) ; 5pinDIN (C2)

Cathode ray tube: 14.51cm CRT

Phosphor type: Black/ white

Deflection angle: 70 degrees

Scan frequency: (H) 15.75KHz ; (V) 60Hz

Picture resolution: 450 TV lines

Operating temperature: -20F - + 120F

Storage temperature: -40F - + 140F