Wholesale 30M Underwater Fish Camera 7

Wholesale 30M Underwater Fish Camera 7

Product description:

Underwater Fish Camera / Color Fish monitor/ fish finder, 7' Color display, 30M Cable 360 degree Rotate CCD camera

CR110-7 (B) Underwater Fish Camera is a professional, complete underwater video camera system for underwater activities such as sea bottom exploration, ocean fishing and ice fishing, well inspection, etc. Typical applications are:

Underwater Fish Camera Underwater exploration

Ocean, Ice, Lake fishing

Swimming, diving, snorkeling

Well, pipe inspection

Underwater Fish Camera Feature of LCD

7' LCD colour TFT monitor (with sun-visor for bright outside environment)

Monitor Visible Angle: 65 degree from left to Right side, 40 / 65 degree from top to bottom.

Video Signal Output: 1V (p-p) Composite Video Signal at 75ohm Termination

Video Input: 1Vp-p 75Ω

Horizontal Resolution: 420TV lines

Storage Temperature: -20 ~ 65 degree

Working Temperature: -10~50 degree

Power requirement: DC 12V

Packaging Material: High Impact ABS Plastic

Dimension: 189 (W) x 122 (H) x 24 (D)

Underwater Fish Camera Features of camera

High-quality CCD color video camera with 1/4' Sharp CCD

Remotely controlled pan head for 0-360 degree all direction view

7 speed adjustment from fast to slow for different applications

8 pcs white LEDs with two level brightness adjustment

10 pcs IR LEDS for low light view

All LEDS can be turned off/ on for best image qulaity under different operation environment

Waterproof camera body with ABS housing

30m heavy-duty gauge anti-corrosion cable

Operation temp: -20 degree~+75 degree RH95% Max.

Storage temp: -40 degree~+85 degree RH95% Max.

Size: Dia. 100mm x 190mm

Underwater Fish Camera Education

Show children what goes on at the bottom of the sea, lake, fishpond or aquarium.

Search & Rescue, Farming & Marine Departments

Look down wells and tanks or search dams, rivers and flooded mine shafts. Search sink holes, look down pipe or large drain holes for missing pets or children. Marine departments can check for damage, inspect boats or search for wrecks.

Farms and Ranches

Farmers can use Underwatercam to inspect the bottom of wells, tanks and dams.


Use Underwatercam to check drains and pipes for root/ branches/ leaf clogs and blockages

1pcs x 7' inch Color TFT LCD Monitor

1pcs x Underwater Camera with 30m Cable

1pcs x Remote Control

1pcs x User manual