Wholesale Camcorder RD52 Mini DV

Wholesale Camcorder RD52 Mini DV

Product description:

RD52 Mini DV Specifications

RD52 mini DV

1) Support the PC camera function

2) Support the acoustic camera

3) Unique recording function alone

RD52 Mini DV Features:

1. Video lost: 720 * 480 display format, 30 frames per second, AVI video file storage.

2. Support the camera, photo format JPG, 1280 * 1024 resolution.

3. Unique recording function alone, format is WAV format.

4. Support the PC camera function.

5. Support the acoustic camera.

6. The outer TF card, the maximum support 16 gb memory card.

7. color: black, white, blue and so on.

8. Size: 62 x 5 x17. 5 mm.

RD52 Mini DV Packing:

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