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HD 720P Camera Skiing Goggles Video Sunglasses

HD 720P Camera Skiing Goggles Video Sunglasses
  • HD 720P Camera Skiing Goggles Video Sunglasses
Product code: 26276400001
Unit price: 58.2 USD
Price unit: Per piece
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* HD720P DV Camera Skiing Glasses
* Function: Video+Audio+Photo making
* Video: 1280*720P
* Photo: 1600*1200
* 30fps
* price is with 4G built-in memory (Max 32GB)
* Supply for America Army and Police
1. Introduction
This is video Sunglasses, with changeable lens function , can be in short-sighted lens , or other styles flat lens, with function of shooting high-definition video, and taking photo, supporting built-in flash, With simple operation, elegant design, small size, it is easy to carry. It is an essential utility in business, education, security, media, justice, tourism, health care, living and other field.
2. Operating
(1) Taking Photo: press Recording button to turn on device, the blue indicator light on then the red light and turn to solid blue light, indicating that the device is at standby of taking photo and recording video, press Recording button to take photo, the blue light will flash one time, press one time to take one photo.
(2) Recording Video: At the standby of taking photo, press the Recording button for 2-5 seconds to start video recording, the blue light will flash 3 times and turn off during recording, press Recording button again to stop and save the file.
(3) Shutting Down: In the status of recording, press Recording button for more than 6 seconds to shutting down the device.
(4) Uploading Files: While the device is in off status, connect to a computer with the supplied USB cable.
A window on the computer will pop up allowing you to view the folder containing your file (s) .
The directory of saved files can be found in / DCIM/ 100DSCIM/ , now the blue light is on.
(5) Charging:
IMPORTANT To charge via USB, connect to a computer using the supplied USB cable. To charge with AC adapter, plug USB cable into the adapter then directly into the wall. While charging the blue is on..
(6) Set Date/ Time: In standby status, connect the device to computer via USB cable until the drive appears, click on the drive into the root directory. In the root directory create a . txt document file, input to the current date and time. The format 'year-month-day hour: minute: second', for example 2012-04-05 17: 23: 31 minute
(7) Troubleshooting:
When storage space is insufficient, the indicator red light and blue light is flashing alternately.
the device will automatically save the current file and shut down. If you want to continue using the device.
copy the files on flash to a computer then delete everything off the removable disk.
When the battery level is insufficient, when you turn on, the device will turn off immediately or you are unable to turn it on. If the Video Goggles appear to be frozen and not responding, please press Reset button to reset the device.
3. Parameters
Video format : AVI
Video resolution : 1280*720 ( 720P HD )
Photo resolution : 1600*1200
Video frame rate : 30fps ± 1 fps
Media playing software : Attached software of the operating system or Mainstream audio and video media playing software, recommend Kmplayer
Supporting system : Windows me/ 2000/ xp/ 2003/ vista, Mac OS10.4 (uncertainty, depends on the computer model)
charge pressure : DC-5V
Interface type: 8Pin USB Port
Storage support : Support built-in flash and with high capacity battery