Child swimsuit girl girls conjoined South Korean baby swimwear children children's swimwear suit

Child swimsuit girl girls conjoined South Korean baby swimwear children children's swimwear suit

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Spring 2016
  • Brand: e / also waves
  • Are malls the same paragraph: Yes
  • Color classification: 4455 yellow dots 3306 Blue Strawberry 3306 Strawberry 3306 powder 53 bags male ear 3306 powder (53 laps male ear 3306 Blue 53 bags Hale 3306 blue mirror ring Hale 3306 powder 53 bags circle male ear 3306 Blue 53 bags circle sea ear 602 blue 602 green 602 red 602 yellow 602 blue (blue 400 + PU cap + Archiver + circle + fish bags 602 red (red 400 + PU cap + Archiver + circle + Bag 602 green (red 400 + PU cap + Archiver + ring + 602 yellow bags (red cap + 400 + PU + circle + Archiver little bags 4455 (53 + bag + circle + + cat ears
  • Item: 3308
  • Style: Children piece swimsuit
  • Size: 4 / M for 95-105CM wear 6 / L for 105-115CM wear 8 / XL for 115-125CM wear 10 / 2XL fit 125-135CM wear 12 / 3XL fit 135-145CM wear 14 / 4XL fit 145-155CM wear
  • Suitable for: Female
  • Material: Spandex

Color fastness test

Into the water after 24 hours still water

Stretch test, high elastic fabrics

Easy stretch from 10 cm to 30 cm

Rub resistance test

With a brush can not afford to flash

Do not fade, can not ball, no deformation.



Swimming laps


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Random color swimming laps 60cm (Lifebuoy

60 yards: diameter 22CM, the outer diameter 60CM )Color random hair Oh (Note: swimming laps damaged rebate does not change, you can buy from patch glue) repair glue connection

Swimming laps random hair, do not specify the color, please do not say with the customer to specify a certain color, it is likely not your color, let the pro disappointed!

Lang also girls Size Chart size Length bust Height cm Suitable for older For weight
The size chart for reference only, because of the individual's height and weight cross change, please consult before buying warm customer service MM, then buy reasonably determine the required size according to their own situation. Thank you! (Tiled manual measurement 1-3CM normal) M 28CM 90-105CM 3-5 years 8-11KG
L 29CM 105-115 CM 5-6 years 10-14KG
XL 30CM 115-125CM 7-8 years 13-17KG
XXL 32CM 125-135CM 9-10 years 16-22KG
XXXL 33CM 135-145CM 10-12 years old 22-28KG
XXXXL 34CM 145-155CM 12-14 years 28-38KG