Fly DV camera FPV Video Aerial Camera 4GB

Fly DV camera FPV Video Aerial Camera 4GB

Product description:

Capture breathtaking aerial videos with this lightweight RC plane camera for RC planes, helicopters, kites, park-flyers, and more!
If you own any kind of RC flyer or kite then you can appreciate just how fun it is to fly. However, controlling flight is only half the fun. To really get the most from the experience you?ll need a lightweight aerial camera. This allows you to view exactly what your RC flyer or kite is seeing while it maneuvers gracefully through the sky! We promise once you experience just how fun watching your aerial videos are that you will never fly without your RC plane camera again!

- Size: length 82mm, Diameter 22mm
- DV/ DC mode is optional before flying
- DV resolution: 640x480, AVI
- DC resolution: 1280x960, you can set intervals via the software
- 90 degrees view angle
- Camera lens rotates 60 degrees
- 4GB flash memory is intergrated inside
- Red & Blue LED will indicate DV or DC mode
- High data transfer with PC via 2.0 USB