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F9 1080P Waterproof camera DV

F9 1080P Waterproof camera DV
  • F9 1080P Waterproof camera DV
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F9 1080P Waterproof camera DV torch movement

The machine main features:

(1) waterproof, suitable for outdoor weather extremes.
(2) made of solid metal aluminum frame, suitable for all kinds of extreme risk.
(3) the built-in motor, vibrating alert working condition.
(4) super small volume, light weight, easy to carry.
(5) full hd 1080 p video.
In order to better take maximum efficiency of the vehicle traveling data recorder, please read this manual carefully before use (of the machine and accessories, of any changes in design andspecifications without prior notice

.F9 1080P Waterproof camera DV Product structure

1. Lens 2. Blue LED indicator light (3) key switch machine
4. The red LED indicator light 5. Video/ photo key 6. Back cover
7. 8 microphones. Video resolution switch
9. Mode button 10. USB interface 11. The reset button
12. The charging light is 13. TF card slot
Began to use DV movement
For the battery
There are two methods for charging the batteries:
1. Use the charger included.
2. Through the computer with the USB cable connected to the machine to charge.
The machine in the process of charging the red charging light is lit up, after the completion of the charge, red lights automatically go out.
The charging time is about 2 hours.
Memory Card, TF Card)
TF card requirements: the requirements need the 4 gb TF card capacity and above, speed in CLASS4 and above.
First to memory card used for this machine, please connect the computer to format, the format will permanently delete all data on the memory card, including the image of protected, and cannot be restored. Therefore, before the format the memory card, please backup important data.
Open and close the unit
1. The built-in battery boot: long press the power key, the fuselage vibration at the same time the two red and green light flashing at the same time, long press the power button again, put out after the implementation of the indicator to turn it off after vibration.
2. External charger switch machine: this machine comes with the charger connect after connect the USB to the machine, after the power converter can be realized external charger power supply, switch machine process.
Note: sports DV when using the built-in power supply, the low battery tips after 30 seconds when the LED is flashing, save video and automatic shutdown.
The machine is reset
When the machine is caused by improper operation, abnormal situation, can press reset button and then boot, this machine can be back to normal.
The basic operations of a sport DV
A. How to take photos
In 1080 p (30 FPS) switch mode wave switch to the picture mode, press the photo/ video button, sport DV will red light flashing, such as the red light goes out after will complete the picture, can connect the PC or taking photos with card reader to read the file.
Note: the camera only at 1080 p (30 FPS) mode.
2. How to photography
Boot after setting mode for video mode, press the photo/ video button, the machine turns red and began video (insert TF card required) , press the photo/ video button again, the machine kept after the red light goes out to stop the video. In video mode can toggle switch to choose 1080 p resolution (30 FPS) , 720 p (60 FPS) are two kinds of format, you can select the format according to the requirements for recording of video clips.
3. The time setting
Time Set (Set) : connect the machine to the PC after the machine card, disk can be sampled in a text document SportDV. TXT, open the document, change the following information: 1. UPDATE: N changed to UPDATE: Y; 2. Change the date of the corresponding points seconds, then save the file, such as changing year: 2012 month: date: 24 hour: minute: second 10: 0, will set up the machine time is September 24, 2012 10: 10 0 seconds. Shutdown, boot up again, the machine will automatically update the time set by the, at this time, can video or take photos, see the corresponding time information in file.
Remark: if did not see this document, please set to display hidden files to find the document.
4. Connect the computer
Video and photo data download
1. When the USB cable to connect computer, press the power key switch on, the motor vibration of the green power light is lit up at the same time, the computer automatically identification of TF card disk.
Note: the computer operating system: Windows 2000 / XP/ Vista/ Windows 7 and MAC OS x 10.3.6 above.
2. To use a computer to browse and manage files.
3. Pull out the USB line to close the DV movement.
Note: when using this product due to improper operation caused phenomenon, when machine can press reset button and then boot, this machine can be back to normal.
Product features
- super small volume, super wide Angle 120 degrees high resolution lens design perfect combination, more convenience in various occasions to multi-angle, 1080 p high-definition video shooting.
- built-in 1/4 inch low noise high quality sensor, can be in the darker places to catch super clear picture
Water - water spray aluminum alloy design, more suitable for outdoor adventure
- built-in li-ion battery charging while video recording function
- built-in microphone
- built-in vibration motor, vibration prompt working condition
- support high capacity of TF card
The technical specifications
The lens
Grade A + 120 degrees high resolution ultra wide Angle lens
Video video
30 FPS / 1280 * 720 1920 * 1080 p p 60 FPS
Video, video format
SD memory card slot
The TF card
The microphone
The built-in
The USB interface
The power interface
5 v 1 a
The battery
Built-in lithium battery
System requirements
Windows 2000 / XP/ Vista/ Windows 7 and MAC OS x 10.3.6 above
Note: this product retained design and specification right to change without prior notice. Please in kind prevail. If there is any different
F9 1080P Waterproof camera DV Accessories list

1. The charger, 2. Support; 3. USB cable; 4. Instruction manual.
Note: the spare parts list will be subject to actual packing accessories.