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GPS tracker | Wholesale TC68 gps car tracker gps tracker OBD II 8MB flash

GPS tracker | Wholesale TC68 gps car tracker gps tracker OBD II 8MB flash
  • GPS tracker | Wholesale TC68 gps car tracker gps tracker OBD II 8MB flash
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Basic Functions:

1. Easiest Installation
2. Remove Online Setup & Device Management
3. OBD II Plug Interface
4. Internal GPS and GSM Antenna
5. Dual communication mode (GPRS & SMS)
6. Real-Time Tracking
7. Low power consumption
8. Route management
9. Geo-fence management
10. Over speed alerts
11. Monitor Driving Behavior
12. Powered On Even When Vehicle Is Off In Case You Are Towed
13. Highly Sensitive uBlox GPS Module
14. Built-in FALSH 8M, GPRS cache 8000, the SMS cache 256

Main Functions:
1. Monitor Function
Monitor function helps driver to know the status inside the car, and provide analysis report when it has been stolen.
2. OTA Remote Update Feature
OTA (Over the Air) enable terminal firmware upgrade to match the latest software.
3. GPS Tracking Recorder Function
When the GPS tacks the position, the terminal will record car running track preset time. Track record can be read by the software of the
, enable to store a total of 130,000 records.
4. GPS&GSM Tracking
When the GPS cannot receive signals, the GSM base station will use the secondary positioning, to ensure that any time can be found in the
vehicle location.
5. GPS Blind Spot Report
When entering the GPS signal area and leave no signal area, the terminal at the meeting sent the report to remind platform.
6. GSM Blind area storage/Replenish Alarm
GSM blind area can not be normal to send the data, the data will be automatically stored and auto-complete recovery of the GSM signal
transmitted to the platform, to ensure that the trajectory is not lost. Built-in FLASH 8M, GPRS cache 8000,the SMS cache 256.
7. Mileage Report
Each GPRS data which will contain the mileage of the car, which can modify the initial use the terminal default value of the original car
odometer value.
8. Smart Sleep Mode
This command enables the sleep mode function. In this mode, logging, timing and location are all disabled.