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GPS tracker | Wholesale VT300 car GPS\GSM tracker

GPS tracker | Wholesale VT300 car GPS\GSM tracker
  • GPS tracker | Wholesale VT300 car GPS\GSM tracker
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VT300 is a high-tech product through cooperation with mobile operators. It combines GPS Global Positioning System and GSM/ GPRS communication system, which can clearly inform you the position & situation of your car.

GPS is the abbreviation for Global Positioning System, which based on 24 position location satellites around the earth orbit. Their locating precision can be kept within 10 to 15 meters.

GSM is the second digital mobile communication system (GPRS, second and fifth digital mobile communication system) , and at present it is the mobile communication system that has the largest coverage and owns the most number of users. This product combines GPS and GSM/ GPRS technologies together. It usesGPS system to locate your car, and sends the position/ situation report back to you via GSM/ GPRS communication system.

With a delicate microphone, you can monitor the present situation in your car from a faraway place. You can use the telephone remote control function to set monitoring mode, which will report the situation of your car to you periodically.

With this function, the vehicle owner will be able to know the geographic coordinates, direction, and other related information of the car anytime in any place. The report methods can be via SMS short message service. You can also select a one time report or continuous report (tracking function) .
(3) Main Function
Position Report Function
Tracking Function
Stop tracking function