GPS tracker | Wholesale TK103A car GPS tracker

GPS tracker | Wholesale TK103A car GPS tracker

Product description:

TK103A car GPS tracker Basic Functions:
*Get the longitude and latitude info by sending SMS with cell phone
*Triggering Emergency Alarm
*Remote control the oil and circuit
*Remote monitoring
*ACC Detection
*Geo-fence, Mileage statistics
*Movement Alert, Overspeed Alert,
*Border crossing Alert
TK103A car GPS tracker Product Features:
*Setup: Send orders to operate the tracker by SMS
*Automatic monitor the voices in 5 meters(can set up mobilephone numbers to monitor)
*Tracking Accuracy: 3-30 meters
*Tracking Way: Web tracking, mobile phone tracking
TK103A car GPS tracker Specification:
*Frequency Range: 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz(850MHz can be chosed)
*Data-Transport: SMS, GPRS(set APN)
*GPS Chip: SiRF III / U-Blox
*GPS sensitivity: -159dBm
*GSM sensitivity: -104dBm
*Backup Battery: 3.7V/1500mAh
*Standby: 48 hours
*Power Voltage: DC10V-36V
*Dimension: 85*63*25mm
*Working Temperature: -20 to +80
*Humidity: 5-95%RH
*Weight: 0.51kgs