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GPS tracker | Wholesale Solar GPS Tracker JT600

GPS tracker | Wholesale Solar GPS Tracker JT600
  • GPS tracker | Wholesale Solar GPS Tracker JT600
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Solar GPS Tracker JT600 is a portable GPS tracker with waterproof IP65, supports two-way communication. Personal GPS Tracker suits for children, old people, government, outdoor works, police, etc...

new product Solar GPS Tracker had been designed according to the new concept of saving power. Circuit saving design; Firmware working mode saving design and special for selecting components.

Solar GPS Tracker JT600 can work more than 3 months without recharging in SMS working mode.

Key Advantages:
Solar GPS tracker JT600 uses solar energy and is waterproof. The standby time of the portable GPS tracker reaches two months.

1. Solar GPS tracker JT600 features TCP/UDP/SMS communication and six working modes.
2. Solar GPS tracker JT600 has 64 geo-fences and a temporary fence.
3. Solar GPS tracker JT600The portable GPS tracker JT600 features two-way calling and mobile phone tracking.
4. Solar GPS tracker JT600 has several alarms: Enter/out fencing alarm, out temporary fence alarm, SOS and power low alarm.
5. Solar GPS tracker JT600 has an LED flashlight and international standard SOS signal. It features a GSM/GPS signal and battery power real-time detection.

Solar GPS tracker JT600 is used for private car tracking, logistics fleet tracking, container monitoring and management, and tourist tracking.

The packaging size of the portable GPS tracker is 191*128*17mm (L*W*H).

The warranty period of our portable GPS tracker is one year. Our professional technicians will provide technical support, system integration and program application suggestions.
Dimension(L*W*H) 96mm*51mm*22mm
Weight 80g
Working Current 30-60mA
Built-in Battery 1800mAh
Backup Battery 2500mAh
GSM 850/900/1800/1900Mhz