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GPS tracker | Wholesale PG88 watch phone GPS tracker

GPS tracker | Wholesale PG88 watch phone GPS tracker
  • GPS tracker | Wholesale PG88 watch phone GPS tracker
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PG88 watch phone GPS tracker 10 most useful features: (GPS positioning, SOS emergency call, speed dial family number, SMS positioning platform positioning, track playback, electronic fence, remote monitoring, alarm clock, MP3 player)

1, real-time GPS monitoring positioning, and base station positioning real-time tracking (SMS / GPRS / TCP / UDP)
2, SOS emergency call function, can exhale three numbers, emergency situations can be the precise positioning of the SOS button
3, MP3 playback function
4 alarm clock function, a timely reminder
PG88 watch phone GPS tracker Real-time GPS monitoring positioning / base station auxiliary positioning support a single positioning and continuous tracking
6, you can set two speed dial family number set 250 frequently used numbers
Holders by telephone or cell phone text positioning, without on the platform to know the position of ward
8, accurate to seconds of real-time trajectory tracking
9, support SMS / PC / phone-side client queries, text messages and the Internet to check the location information, Google plane and satellite maps.
10, an emergency alarm / alarm hand / electronic fence / low alarm, the historical track record, playback
11, remote monitoring, high sensitivity microphone, you can listen does not bother tracking the cases, real-time tracking
Hand type design suitable for small children to the elderly, imported silicone material strap, feel good.
A, for children, the elderly, pet care B, personal security, travelers, outdoor enthusiasts C, Field Personnel Management D, car rental, small fleet management F wild adventure travel G, Criminal Investigation criminals tracking

PG88 watch phone GPS tracker Accessories:
ordinary wired headset
two high-capacity battery data lines
Brochures in English charger
Whole set of packaging: 0.4KG
Box size: 155 * 95 * 70mm
Carton Size: 49 * 32.5 * 37cm
Per carton Quantity: 50