Wholesale CCTR-803 vehicle gps tracker with Android \iphone App gps tracking

Wholesale CCTR-803 vehicle gps tracker with Android \iphone App gps tracking

Product description:

Product Functions

Support iOS iPhone & Android app locate

Real time upload current location to web server www. 999gps.com

Easy installation (2-4 wires)

Upload interval is 30 seconds according the setting of tracker

Upload is controlled by shock sensor

No platform Service charge (Our free tracking platform www. 999gps.com)

History data can be kept on the server over 6 month (www. 999gps.com)

Upload time can be set to local time

After car stop moving 2 minutes, tracker will go to sleep to save car battery power

Built in shock sensor to control GPS on off to enlarge battery life

Shock sensor can be used as car shock & move alarm

Built in memory to record track without GSM network

GSM and GPS antenna are embedded in the tracker

Universal 4 band GSM module & GPS module (Sirf-star or MTK chipset)

Turn off car engine by platform or by SMS for Anti-theft

External SOS button for emergency HELP to platform & preset phone.

Visit our website and logon can tracking the car or display history tracking

It is not necessary to download any software, visit website can track

Platform use free Google map, it is not necessary to pay any map charge

Can preset 3 phone number by SMS

Send alert of break Geo-fence to platform when it go out the restricted area

Send alert of over speed to platform when it exceeds the restricted speed

Built in rechargeable polymer Li battery

SMS map link locate can be used without platform

Function can be changed by customer request

Power supply disconnect alarm

It is easy to hidden, used for tracking cars, bus, taxi, rent cars, moving equipment etc