Wholesale software portable gps tracker with real time online tracking

Wholesale software portable gps tracker with real time online tracking

Product description:

Product Functions

Cheapest software portable gps tracker with real time online tracking

Working Method: GPS located + upload with GPRS GSM network

Upload current location to internet server

MINI size & water-proof design for easy hidden and working in open air

Built in GSM & GPS high sensitive antenna for easy hidden & installation

Built in rechargeable battery for power down alarm & tracker removed

Shock alarm (calling alarm & SMS sending) can be used as car alarm

Shock alarm can be sent by SMS or calling

Wide working voltage (9-40V) , Car, truck & motor all can be used

Easy installation, connect to car battery is OK

GPS operating need password to protect user privacy

Stop uploading after stop moving 2 minutes to save car battery life

Built in move sensor, begin uploading immediately if car begin to move

Device can be located by SMS or calling without platform server

If the object enters no GPS area, it will report the last position tracked

Upload IP address can be set by SMS

APN name can be set by SMS

Device serial ID and setting can be checked by SMS

Built in memory to record track without GSM network

GPS Tracker manual can be download and reading online from platform

Support iPhone & Android App / WeChat / SMS / Calling locate

Platform user password can be changed by user to protect user privacy

Over speed alarm / Geo-fence break alarm can be set on platform

Running report can be read & export by month and day

Personal domain name & login page with customer logo can be applied

Compatible with IE / Fire fox / Chrome / Safari, not necessary download software

Muli-Level user for Agent / distributor / fleet / single user etc.

History tracking data keep 6-12 months

Suit for cars / bus / truck / taxi / rent cars / engineer vehicle / open car / boat etc.

Tracking platform: www. 999gps. net, Demo user: 123456, Password: 123456