GPS tracker | Watch GPS locator old children - lost tracker

GPS tracker | Watch GPS locator old children - lost tracker

Product description:

Function introduction:
The timely tracking and positioning, remote obedient, monitoring telephone call function;
The emergency trigger, a key for alarm;
Auto update satellite time;
The low power tips, open, off tips;
The network, mobile phone, SMS query specific location;
The motion alarm, overspeed alarm;
The mileage statistics, electronic monitoring fence alarm;
The direct point-to-point management monitoring, privacy more secure;
The no third party management platform, need not pay management fees.
The main technical parameters:
GPS positioning accuracy of 5 meters
GSM network of mobile phone location 200 meters
GPS band 1575MHz
GSM band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
1.5 inch TFT display screen
Cell 750 MAH lithium polymer battery
Standby current of 1 - 3mA
GPS positioning on current 70mA
7 days standby time
More than 8 hours of continuous tracking
Hot start time (3s
Warm start time (15s
Cold start time is (60s (Autonomous)
Working temperature: -20 degrees to 65 degrees C
Work humidity is 5% - 95%

The storage temperature of -45 DEG to +90 DEG C