Wholesale Car Anti Radar Detector Russina\English voice

Wholesale Car Anti Radar Detector Russina\English voice

Product description:

*LED screen to show the Radar brand, and LED light to flashing when radar signal is dectected.

1. Detect any stable or mobile Radia Speed Monitor 200-800m ahead
2. Detect any Traffic Monitor or stable Camera (around traffic lights) in advance
3. Driving safely and avoiding any Traffic fine
4. Accuracy: more than 90% Monitor or stable Camera
5. All-Purpose Bracket and suitable for all of GPS Navigator
6. Seamless Designs to match with GPS Navigator
7. ODM & OEM Technology Service for different places and customers
8. English / Russian Voice warning, OEM Language and Voice are available
9. No special Installation and Easy Control
10. Fully nine bands receiver.
9 Bands: X-10.525GHZ +/ -100MHZ.
K-24.150GHZ +/ -175MHZ.
K-24.125GHZ +/ -175MHZ.
KU-13.450GHZ +/ -125MHZ.
Ka-34.700GHZ +/ -1300MHZ.
Ka-33.400GHZ +/ -1300MHZ.
Laser Beam-904mn +/ -33KMHZ.
VG-2-11.150 +/ -175MHZ.
Wireless Transit: 2.4GHZ +/ -410KHZ