Wholesale 2.0inch ST Radar GPS mini car dvr radar detector

Wholesale 2.0inch ST Radar GPS mini car dvr radar detector

Product description:

Details of radar detector

DVR: 720P
Resolution : HD 1280*720P 30FPS
VGA 640*480
Screen: 2.0'
Battery: 300mAh
Power : DV 12V-24V
Support: Windows / 2003/ XP/ Vista / Win 7
Card: TF card (class 6 ) ,up to 32G
Feature of radar detector
The GPS cannot use in other countries except China.
and Chinese voice for radar, DVR for Russian menu.
It can build the coordinate by yourself.
1) Warning system: X-Band, ku-band, k-band, KA-Band, Laser.
VG-2, Any changed setup will be stored after power off.
2) Dim Mode. Default is bright mode. dim mode or dark mode
3) Mute mode. there are special auto mute features.
Traditionally, there is micro tower or auto door spreading
auto microwave. all radar detectors will fail to show signal.
avoiding the noise from auto door or micro tower, your speeding
is under speed limit selected in downtown. Radar signal sounds
are muted on or muted off by speed setting . Mini speed alarm
activates when you are under your personal speed limit.
its will mute on automatically .
4) Default is highway mode.
whose sensitivity is higher and can detect any band and laser .
press the button, its will changed as city mode, which helps
the deriver not inter not interfered by auto-door or others
5) radar detector Self -test function
6) frequency selection
7) Language selection:
8) Volume level adjustment

Packing accessory:
1 data line
2 car charger
3 user manual