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Wholesale LB-006 Air Purifier Cleaner Elimination

Wholesale LB-006 Air Purifier Cleaner Elimination
  • Wholesale LB-006 Air Purifier Cleaner Elimination
Product code: 26233900001
Unit price: 12.77 USD
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Other info:
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Type number: anionic air purifier (LB - 006 )
Electric pressure: AC110V/ 50 Hz (DC12V, 300 ma)
AC220V/ 60 Hz (DC12V, 300 ma)
Consumed power: DC12V / 260 ma
Smelly oxygen volume: 22.5 ~ 25.0 PPM
Gas flow: 2.58-3.44 m ³ / min
Feet inches: 12 x 10 cm
Use area: 20 - 50 m ²
Product features:

1. Active oxygen sterilization, no residual toxic substances.
2. Quick deodorant, renewable fresh air.
3. Express eliminate indoor peculiar smell and smoke, formaldehyde and other harmful gases, the effect is significant.
4. Air supply type design, sterilization deodorant no dead Angle.
5. No noise running, easy operation.
Product function:

1. Enhance immunity: combined with air negative ions by breathing into the human body, more easily with the human body with blood, improve the human body to the
absorption of oxygen content.
2. Kill bacteria: negative ions and bacterial conjugation, so that produce changes in the structure of energy transfer, or lead to the death germs.
3. Clear air: remove dust, smoke in the air around the air becomes pure and natural.
4. and positive ion: because computers, electrical appliances when use or radiation produced a positive ion, the machine the anion and cation church.
Suitable for: home, office, accounting room, toilet, pet house, place of business of the space such as sterilization, antivirus, remove peculiar smell, clean air.