Wireless Car Bluetooth Handsfree Phone Caller ID Speaker For Any Bluetooth Mobilephone iPhone Samsung HTC Bluetooth Car Kit

Wireless Car Bluetooth Handsfree Phone Caller ID Speaker For Any Bluetooth Mobilephone iPhone Samsung HTC Bluetooth Car Kit

Product description:

1: matching the bluetooth connection
Must be used for the first time to make your bluetooth phone and match up this product can be used
1.1 long press the power button, the light show the PO ON the LCD.
1.2 work long press on the code, the LED indicator light flashing in the red light blue light, LCD display corresponding PAIAED ''
1.3 mobile phones will be dispatched to the bluetooth feature, select the 'search' new bluetooth device
1.4 mobile phones after the search for new equipment, shown on the discovery: 'the CAR KIT' of the new equipment
1.5 choose 'CAR KIT' after the equipment according to the connection, then enter the password: 0000, matching complete (some mobile phone also select 'activate') , the LCD will display 'CONNECTED'.
Make a phone call
Bluetooth match well, after using a mobile phone to dial the phone number of the input, can press answer set aside phone dial the number, corresponding to the LCD display 'CALLING', and the sound from the speaker's horns, after connect bluetooth hands-free calls can be achieved
Answer the phone
When a phone call, the LCD will display telephone number, you can pick UP/ HANG UP button, answering the phone call after a pick UP/ HANG UP button again, HANG UP the phone, LCD display 'HANG UP.'
Call forwarding
When in the process of call don't want to use a hands-free want to switch back to the phone calls, according to the telephone switching button do change:
The volume adjustment
Long press V + / V - keys to adjust the volume, the volume of the LCD display corresponding size: such as VOL 10, a level of 0 ~ 15
Call records and telephone dial back
Short press V + / V -, can view the call log, then hang up button can dial or REDIAL the number back, LCD display 'REDIAL'
To turn it off
Long press power on key, LCD display 'PO shut OFF';

This product built-in high capacity rechargeable lithium ion battery, insert the USB cable to the car charger USB port, and then insert the car charger into cigarette car can be recharged, when charging the red and blue light slow turn bright, red and blue light after fully charged light once every few seconds at the same time will be long.

Choose a pair of single side or double side pads attachment, post MATS in this product, and then placed or fixed in the car is easy to operate.

Bluetooth version: CSR BC3 V2.0
Echo elimination technique: CVC technology
Bluetooth reception range: 10 meters
Hands-free microphones in range: 0.5 to 2 meters
Speaker output power: 1 W
Enter the charging voltage: DC 5 v (300 ma)
Built-in lithium electric voltage: 4.2 V
Built-in lithium electricity capacity: 800 mha
Standby time: The longest 30 days
Car charger power supply voltage: DC 9 ~ 26 v
Working environment temperature: 0 ~ 60 degrees