Steering Wheel Car Bluetooth Car Kit Hands-free Speaker Voice Prompt Bluetooth 3.0 Speakerphone CG-3000 for iPhone Samsung New

Steering Wheel Car Bluetooth Car Kit Hands-free Speaker Voice Prompt Bluetooth 3.0 Speakerphone CG-3000 for iPhone Samsung New

Product description:

  • Automatic power on, automatic connection, automatic power off: The world's first fully automatic Bluetooth car kit, more humanized, more energy-saving.
  • Voice Command Recognition: Answer or reject the coming call, or make a call by voice command (the phone should support the function itself) .
  • Multi-language Voice Prompt: Chinese, English, Spanish, Deutsch, Frach.
  • Voice prompts to indicate various states timely, such as power on, power off, pairing, etc.
  • Multi-pint, Dual-HTP: Connect to 2 phone simultaneously.
  • Bluetooth 3.0: Flly support Bluetooth 3.0 and backward compatible.
  • A2DP: Support mobile phone Bluetooth music play and navigation play.
  • Abundant Applications: With only 3 buttons, more than 11 functions can be used easily, no need to remember the instruction, or search for the button when need, all operations are humanized.
  • Noise Reduction: Eliminate the effections to conversation quality by echo, which offers you a enjoyable taling experience.
  • Material: plastic
  • Dimension Size: 90 * 60 * 35 mm
  • Transmission Range: 0 to 10 meters
  • Frequency: 2402 MHz- 2480 MHz
  • Talking Time: 10 hrs
  • Standby Time: 60 days
  • Charging Time: 5-6 hrs
  • Battery: rechargeable Li-ion
  • Battery Charging Voltage/ Current: 3.7V/ 800mAh

Suitable for:

  • All kinds of mobile phones, computers, MID and a variety of digital products equipped with Bluetooth.


  • When installing, first hook up the metal board to your car steering wheel, then you can choose to stick on the kit or screw it with the two screws as you wish.
  • When connect your iPhone 3 and iPhone 4 please make sure to turn on the voice output first, for iPhone 4S and iPhone 5, you should turn off the Siri first. For Samsung and other brand mobile phones, please follow the instructions. (Different dialing input ways depending on different devices)
  • When you want to use the auto dialing function, just press the middle once and speak the name you want to call when you hear the 'things sound'. (But the recognition rate depends on different devices)
  • As long as you turn on Bluetooth of your mobile phone, the connection with the kit is always on. The connection will shut off automatically when you leaving the car for some distance.
  • When you start the engine, turn the steering wheel or close the door when you came in the car, the kit will turn on the power automatically in these three ways.
  • When there's no mobile phone in the car, in order to avoid the automatically power on and off, you can turn off the power manually. It will regain the automatic function 7 hours later. If you need the device in 7 hours, just short press the power button twice.
  • If you have a private phone call, just short press the middle button twice to change to phone mode, short press the middle button twice to get back the kit mode when needed.
  • Under power off status, press the middle button and volume+ button at the same for 7 seconds. Then turn on the power again, you can realize the reset function (English mode) .
  • The light will show blue when start charging, red and blue lights on the same time in the middle, charging complete when red light on.
  • Note: Be ware of hurt your hands when install and uninstall for the strong magnetic.

Package Includes:

  • 1 * CG-3000 steering wheel car bluetooth
  • 1 * Car adaptor
  • 1 * USB charging cable
  • 1 * Battery
  • 1 * Cross Screwdriver
  • 2 * Steel Sheet (each sheet offers you a choice to fix the speaker on the steering wheel)
  • 2 * Paste